SiPM Products

Single photon detection with Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) products

Silicon Photomultipliers are arrays of avalanche photodiodes operated in Geiger mode (SPADs), designed for the detection of extremely weak light, down to a single photon. Depending on the light source and application, several hundred to thousands of SPADs are connected in parallel to form an SiPM. Each SPAD includes an integrated series resistor, which quenches the avalanche and resets the diode for the next incoming photon. The SiPM signal output is an electrical current proportional to the number of photons hitting the sensor. The main signal features are very high gain (>1 x 10⁶), very fast response and short recovery time.

Application fields are those requiring weak light detection and/or very good timing information. Typical examples are scintillator-based detectors and time-of-flight systems. Examples are Medical, IVDx, Flow Cytometry, Safety & Security, Radiation Spectroscopy, and HEP experiments.

Key benefits:

  • High PDE
  • High dynamic range
  • Low cross-talk
  • Low dark count rate
  • Short recovery time

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Featured Product

Broadcom AFBR-S4N44P164M

Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) array used for ultra-sensitive precision measurements of single photons.

The Broadcom® AFBR-S4N44P164M is a 4×4 silicon photo multiplier (SiPM) array used for ultra-sensitive precision measurements of single photons. This combines best-in-class photodetection efficiency (PDE) with decreased dark count rate and reduced crosstalk. The pitch of SiPMs is 4 mm in both directions. The encapsulation is realized by an epoxy clear mold compound, which is highly transparent down to UV wavelengths.

Pyroelectric Detectors

Thin-film pyroelectric sensors: detection of infrared light at 2um – 14um wavelenghts

Pyroelectric detectors are infrared sensing components, which are commonly used in the detection of wavelengths from 2 to 14um. Broadcom’s thin-film pyroelectric sensors are unique and offer a range of benefits to the user.

We offer a full range of thin film analog and digital detector components in TO-39 or SMD packaging. Our detectors are available in single- and dual-channel versions. The ezPyro digital detectors combine high-quality sensors with a high level of configurable electric integration in a small SMD package. These sensors are highly reliable and are used for a wide range of gas, flame, food and oil sensing.

Key benefits:

  • High responsivity
  • Fastest response
  • No measured degradation in time
  • Robust build
  • Low Microphonics

Video: Pyroelectric sensor technology

Key benefits for digital SMD:

  • Small form factor
  • Lowest system cost
  • Reflow solderability
  • On-the-fly configurability
  • API environment
  • Lowest power consumption

Key applications:

  • NDIR spectroscopy and gas sensing
  • Methane and refrigerant leakage detection
  • Capnography, COPD, sleep apnea monitors
  • Point-of-care medical breath analysis
  • Ethanol breath detection
  • Flame detection
  • Flame supression
  • Hydrogen Flame monitoring and detection
  • CCTV flame recognition

Featured Product

Broadcom AFBR-S4N66P024M

Broadcom AFBR-S6PYxxxx family

High-quality sensors with a high level of configurable electric integration in a small SMD package.

TOF Sensors

Broadcom - Smart Sensing with Innovative Optical Technology

Broadcom has a range of unique optical sensors for smart sensing in medical, industrial, automotive, biomedical and scientific research applications. The range of products includes Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors for distance and motion measurement, and IR LEDs for light curtains for sensing applications.

Time of Flight 3D Multi-pixel Sensor Family for Distance and Motion Measurement

Optical distance measurement has a variety of uses in industrial applications. For years, time-of-flight (ToF) sensors have been used in measurement and monitoring tasks in factory automation and production. There have been new use cases for optical distance measurement that require precise 3D information and extended range like Drones or AMR/AGV.

Multi-pixel distance and motion measurement sensor IC technology, based on the optical Time-of-Flight principle.

  • The AFBR-S50 is a multi-pixel, optical distance and motion measurement sensor module based on the indirect Time of Flight (ToF) principle
  • The sensors contain an integrated laser source, an optical receiver array and lenses for beam collimation


  • Very fast measurement rates of up to 3 kHz
  • Operation up to 200 kLux
  • Multipixel for 3D motion detection
  • Integrated calibrated clock source
  • Accuracy error typically below ± 1%
  • Unambiguous range up to 100m in 2f mode
  • Reference pixel for system health monitoring
  • Laser Class 1 eye safe ready

Video: Time of Flight sensor in drone applications

Broadcom ToF Sensor AFBR-S50 Sensor Advantages

  • Immune to ambient light up to 100klux and beyond
  • Integrated Laser light source (850nm /680nm)
  • High integration level
  • Distance range 0,01 – 30m
  • Accuracy better than 1%
  • Multi pixel option (1-32 pixels)
  • Works well on all surface conditions
  • Up to 3kHz framerate
  • Laser Class 1 (Eysesafe)
  • Reference Pixel for system health monitoring
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Target Applications in Industry

  • Factory Automation
  • Industrial Sensing
  • Fill Level of Goods/Palettes
  • Fill Level of Kanban shelves
  • Occupation in Containers
  • Presence Detection
  • Logistics – Gauging of Goods
  • Robotics – Navigation & Collision Detection
  • Functional Safety in HMI
  • High speed Auto Focus
  • Stereo Camera Validation/Reference
  • Drone Navigation in GPS denied areas
  • AMR, AGV, UAV navigation

AFBR-S50 ToF Sensor Family

Typ. Range:
Laser Light Source:850nm (IR)850nm (IR)850nm (IR)680nm (red)850nm (IR)
Beam spot size at 1m :7cm3.5cm3.5cm0.7cm23cm x 10.5cm
Illuminated Pixels:Block Diagram
7-16 (32)
Block Diagram
1-2 (32)
Block Diagram
1-2 (32)
Block Diagram
1 (32)
Block Diagram
Usable Sensor Fov :4°x4°2°x2°2°x2°0.4°x0.4°12.4°x5.4°
Typ. Application:Range and DirectionRangeLong rangeRange with visible spotNavigation, Collision, void, overhang
Status of production:productionproductionproductionproductionproduction

Featured product

AFBR-S50-FEK ToF Family Evaluation Kit

Evaluation kit Contains:

  • Microcontroller board
  • Adapter Board and
    • AFBR-S50MV85G
    • AFBR-S50MV85I
    • AFBR-S50LV85D
    • AFBR-S50LX85D
    • AFBR-S50MV68B
  • USB-Cable

Further documentation:

UV–VIS–NIR Spectroscopy

Broadcom spectrometer solutions

Broadcom offers a family of compact modular spectrometer devices for UV–VIS–NIR measurements for a wide range of industrial and mobile applications.

The spectrometer features:

  • Wavelengths between 190 and 1700 nm
  • Miniature size
  • High optical performance with low stray light
  • Durability
  • High stability and thermal stability
  • Various digital interfaces
  • to make implementation into your device as easy as possible!

Spectrometers: Analysing spectra from 190nm – 1700nm

Broadcom UV VIS NIR Spectroscopy

Key benefits for digital SMD:

  • Very reliable and stable performance
  • Ultra-compact dimension
  • Robust in industrial surroundings
  • Easy to integrate: USB, SPI, UART
  • Free sophisticated software and open source SDK
  • Wavelength range can be modified

Key applications:

  • Medical Imaging
  • Preclinical / Fullbody PET
  • Photocounting CT
  • Life Sciences
  • Radon detection
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Cell Sorting
  • Flourescence
  • Solar Simulators
  • General Spectrometry

Featured products

Spectrometers Qwave

Compact spectrometer with high optical performance, resolution and sensitivity for optical measurements between 220 nm and 1040 nm. The Qwave spectrometer is the ideal spectroscopic instrument for applications that require high performance in a compact design.

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Spectrometers Qmini

Miniature spectrometer available in six wavelength configurations from 190 nm to 1100 nm. The Qmini is optimised for flexible and tight integration to fit a large number of OEM requirements for industry and point-of-care applications.

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Broadcom's IR and UV-A LEDs

Broadcom is a one-stop shop for all customers for LEDs, from visible LEDs to non-visible.Known for its LEDs’ performance, efficiency and reliability, Broadcom offers an extensive portfolio of products that include high brightness and high power LEDs, PLCC surface-mount LEDs, and display backlighting module solutions.

Infrared LEDs and UV-A LEDs are new in our portfolio.

IR LEDs – New Product Range

Broadcom´s wide range of IR emitters comes in various wavelengths - 850 nm, 880 nm, 890 nm and 940 nm. and are available in different packages: THT, ChipLED, PLCC2, PLCC4, PolyLED, High Power and SMT-Lamp. Detectors are also available upon request.

Target applications are Light Curtains, Utility meters, Smoke Detectors, Home appliances, Machine Vision, and Parking controls.

UV LEDs: The advantages of LED Technology


Passion for Technology

Episode 1

Featured products

ARE1-xxxx-00000 Family

Broadcom´s ARE1-xxxx-00000 product family of high power Infrared emitting diodes targets various IR applications within the Industrial, Automotive, Medical, Security, Telecommunication and Consumer market segments.

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HSM9-C190 IR emitter

HSM9-C190 is a top view surface-mount IR ChipLED that comes in an industrial standard 1.6 x 0.8 mm footprint. Its small form factor allows a flexible board design. This LED is part of the HSM9-xxx and HSM8-xxx family of surface mount IR ChipLEDs.

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Increase efficiency with Broadcom Encoders

Versatile encoder solutions enabling green applications

For motion and feedback control, providing both single-turn and multi-turn positions.

  • Incremental encoders for speed control of servo motors.
  • Optical and magnetic encoders designed to operate at temperatures required for harsh and challenging environments.

Wind Turbine

Absolute encoders are used for monitoring the Yaw control of the nacelle (the main structure, which houses all generating components, gearbox, drive train, etc.). Absolute encoders are ideal for the pitch control of the blades to adapt to different wind conditions.

Solar Panel

Absolute encoders are an ideal solution for monitoring the panel position to adapt to optimum sunlight direction & conditions.

LiDAR in Autonomous Electric Vehicles

Reflective and Magnetic encoders for Polygon/rotating mirror and speed control


Increase Efficiency with Broadcom Encoders

Learn how Broadcom can support you with your green applications

On-demand webinar

  • Counting on Energy Harvesting Multi-Turn Encoders


  • Simplifying BLDC Commutation and Feedback System
  • Miniature Reflective Encoders - Affordable Sensors for the Portable Medical Device Market


The Broadcom AEAT-9922 is an angular magnetic rotary sensor that provides accurate angular measurement over a full 360° of rotation.

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AR18 Series are miniature Absolute Encoders ASIC designed to cater for the growing demand on the space constraint application.

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AR25 Series

The AR25 Series is a miniature Absolute Encoder ASIC designed to cater to the growing demand of space-constrained applications.

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Broadcom AEDR-9820/9830

3-channel incremental encoder The AEDR-9820 (225LPI) and AEDR-9830 (318LPI) are miniature reflective analog/digital incremental encoders operating at extended temp & freq ranges.

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Broadcom AS38-H39x Series 39-bit absolute encoder family

The AS38-H39E-Sxxx is a multi-turn absolute encoder series with 39-bit resolution (23-bit single-turn and 16-bit multi-turn).

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Featured products

Single Photon Detection with Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) Products

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Infrared Light Detection with Pyroelectric Detectors

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Distance Measurement with Best-in-Class Fully Integrated 3D ToF Range

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IR for Light Curtains in Sensing Applications

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Robust Encoders for Precision Feedback

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Spectrum Analysis with UV-VIS-NIR Spectroscopy

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