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Applications ranging from personal gadgets to industrial devices and sensors link wirelessly to the internet in the rapidly expanding IoT infrastructure (Machine to machine, machine to infrastructure, and machine to environment).

Wireless communication has become increasingly commercial and mission important, necessitating more severe dependability, latency, and security requirements. The future wireless communication system effectively supports a universal and ubiquitous physical infrastructure with a novel network structure, spectrum access schemes, and resource allocation solutions whilst considering energy efficiency, reliability, and scalability.

With numerous standards deployed in the market, spread over multiple frequency bands, and different communication protocols, choosing the right wireless connectivity technology for an IoT application can be quite challenging. Selecting the best wireless option for an IoT device requires a careful look at the bigger picture: the overall application, the required performance, and the eventual physical location of the embedded devices. 

This whitepaper will lead you through numerous critical decision criteria:

  • A structured approach that engineers can use to analyse their requirements for connectivity technology and how they can serve the needs of specific application areas
  • Most prevalent wireless connectivity technologies emphasise their key technological concepts and engineering trade-offs
  • Heterogeneous communication technologies spanning Wide area, Local area and Personal area networks

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