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Electrical Enclosures

Electrical Enclosures

element14 offers a broad  range of enclosures from leading industry brands such as Hammond, Multicomp, Fibox, Bopla & Boss Enclosures etc, as well as competitively priced options to suit all budgets, ensuring we have a solution for every application.

Whether you are looking for Desktop enclosures, handheld enclosures, potting enclosures, multipurpose enclosures or other electrical & electronics enclosures from industry-leading manufacturers, element14 has them all.

Our range of enclosures are used widely over many different industries including those in the computer, telecommunication, medical, industrial / instrumentation, and consumer market segments etc.

element14 also backs it up with the very best in service and customer support.

  • Fast delivery with same day despatch
  • Hassle free ordering with local personalised support
  • Order what you need with no minimum order quantity and no minimum order value

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