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Microchip Products
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MICROCHIP are leading providers of serial memory, analogue, RF and microcontroller devices for low-risk product development and rapid time-to-market, with low overall system cost in consumer applications. Among the company's diversified portfolio are systems for battery charging, smoke detection, connectivity (wireless, USB and Ethernet) and low-power applications.

The company's full product range caters for cost-sensitive system design, while also satisfying the demand for specific features - from 8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers to 32-bit PIC microcontrollers, and the eXtreme Low Power XLP PIC line for use where energy consumption is a critical concern.

MICROCHIP's customer base comprises more than 63,000 separate clients, a number that is growing all the time, and who benefit from a fully featured aftersales service including engineering support, detailed application notes and reference designs, training delivered on a regional basis, tools and compilers, plus round-the-clock technical support to deal with time-sensitive queries as and when they arise.

element14 offers a broad range of semiconductors from Microchip. You'll find a wide variety of microprocessors and peripherals, microcontrollers, special function ICs, development tools and programming, and many more products available today at element14.

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Product Categories

Lighting Communications Development Platform

The Lighting Communications Development Platform provides a universal lighting development platform for the creation of communications enabled lighting applications. The platform consists of a main board and various communications interface adapters to support in the development of DALI, DMX512A, as well as future protocols (eg. RF).

To utilize the communications platform, a minimum of (2) main or (2) prototyping boards and (2) adapters are required – connected via appropriate cabling (eg. RJ45 patch cable, DMX512A 5-pin barrel cable, or DALI 2-wire). The communication platform is compatible with commercially available DALI/DMX512A products and can be integrated into existing lighting networks during development or utilized with multiple communication platforms to simulate large lighting networks.


The Lighting Communications Development Platform consists of:
  • Main communications board
  • Prototyping board
  • Communications interface adapters
  • DALI
  • DMX512A
  • Access to PIC32 I/O's and peripherals
The following is required:
  • Minimum of (2) main or (2) prototyping boards
  • Minimum (2) adapters
  • Connected via appropriate cabling
  • RJ45 patch cable
  • DMX512A 5-pin barrel cable
  • DALI 2-wire

All boards are available individually or as Starter Kits to begin developing quickly. To further ease in development, code libraries for both DMX512A and DALI are available as a free download.


DALI Starter Kit DV160214-1

  • (2) Main Boards
  • (1) Prototyping Board
  • (2) DALI Adapters
  • 9V International Power Supply


DMX512A Starter Kit DV160214-2

  • (2) Main Boards
  • (1) Prototyping Board
  • (2) DMX512A Adapters
  • 9V International Power Supply
  • RJ45 Patch Cable

Graphics and Connectivity Solutions

PIC32 GUI Development Board with Projected Capacitive Touch DM320015

The PIC32 GUI Development Board with Projected Capacitive Touch enables development of cost effective multi touch graphical user interfaces. It is based on PIC32MX795F512H with 105 DMIPS performance, 512KB Flash and 128KB RAM. The PIC32 is coupled with a low cost PSRAM as a high speed graphics frame buffering and a 4.3" WQVGA touch display enabling development of graphics solutions without an external graphics controller. Additionally the board provides USB host and device connectivity and supports I/O connections via through-hole pads for custom board attachment. Multi touch user input is supported by Microchip's Turnkey Projected Capacitive Touch Controller, MTCH6301. The board is a standalone development platform that can be programmed/debugged via the on board 5-pin In-Circuit Serial Programmer interface designed for Microchip's PICkit3 In-Circuit Debugger.


Key Features:
  • Based on PIC32MX795F512 device with 512KB Flash and 128KB RAM
  • Projected capacitive touch device MTCH6301
  • WQVGA 4.3" display
  • USB port for Device or Host functionality
  • Expansion header
  • Access to PIC32 I/O's and peripherals


Wi-Fi G Demo Board DV102412

The Wi-Fi® G Demo Board is a compact demonstration platform for customers to easily evaluate and configure Microchip's new MRF24WG0MA Wi-Fi module. The demo board is a fully-functional standalone web server powered by 2 AAA batteries. It comes with a PIC32 pre-programmed with the Microchip TCP/IP stack, connected to an onboard, fully-certified MRF24WG0MA Wi-Fi module.


Key Features:
  • Complete IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi Solution
  • Supports Infrastructure/Ad hoc networks and SoftAP networking
  • Web server allows for configuration of network settings
  • Headers bring out signals for quick prototyping

The Wi-Fi G Demo Board Offers:
  • Schematics
  • Complete applications compliant with Microchip TCP/IP reference source code library
  • Reference application source code

Kit Contents:
  • Wi-Fi G Demo Board
  • Wi-Fi G Demo Board Information Sheet


PIC32 USB Starter Kit III DM320003-3

The PIC32 USB starter kit – III provides the user with an easy and cost effective option to experience the USB, mTouch and SPI/I2S functionality of the new PIC32MX3/MX4 microcontrollers. The board comes equipped with everything that is needed including Microchip's free USB software to develop USB embedded host/device/OTG applications.

The PIC32 USB starter kit - III has the same form factor and expansion connector as the PIC32 starter kits enabling it to connect with other PIC32 expansion boards.


Prices shown on the web are already discounted. Discounted price valid till 31st Oct 2013 or while stocks last
Key Features:
  • PIC32MX450F256L MCU
  • Integrated debugger/programmer
  • USB host, Device, Dual Role & OTG
  • Online tools & software download
  • Support for Windows XP and Windows Vista (32- & 64-bit)

Battery Management Solutions

Get high accuracy and longer battery operation for your portable designs with Microchip's battery management products. Their low power consumption and wide range of features come in convenient, small footprint packages. These devices offer advanced features to maximize battery operating life and reduce PCB footprint, while minimizing overall system cost and improve time-to-market.

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Single Chip Battery Charging and Management for Lithium Ion
The MCP73871device is a 1A fully integrated linear solution for system load sharing and Li-Ion / Li-Polymer battery charge management with AC-DC wall adapter and USB port power sources selection. It's also capable of autonomous power source selection between input or battery. The MCP73871device employs a constant current/constant voltage (CC/CV) charge algorithm with selectable charge termination point. The constant voltage regulation is fixed with four available options: 4.10V, 4.20V, 4.35V, or 4.40V.



Mixed Signal PIC® Microcontroller Based Solutions
The PIC16F785 Flash Microcontroller offers all of the advantages of the well-recognized mid-range x14 architecture with standardized features including a wide operating voltage of 2.0-5.5 Volts, on-board EEPROM Data Memory and nanoWatt Technology. Analog peripherals include up to 12 channels of 10-bit A/D, 2 operation amplifiers, 2 high-speed analog comparators, and a Bandgap Voltage Reference. Digital peripherals include a standard Capture/Compare/PWM (CCP) module, a 2-phase PWM with asynchronous feedback, a 16-bit timer and 2 8-bit timers.

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Li-Ion Battery Charger Evaluation Board
The MCP7386X Evaluation Board is set up to evaluate simple, stand-alone, linear charging of single/dual cell Lithium-Ion/Lithium-Polymer battery packs (the battery packs are not included). The board design provides constant current charging followed by constant voltage charging with automatic charge termination. As provided, the MCP7386X Evaluation Board is set for a fast charge current level of 1.1A for single cell applications. The MCP73861 is equipped with shutdown control, status indicator, fault indicator, safety timer, and continuous cell temperature monitor. For dual cell applications, the MCP73862 or the MCP73864 can be substituted for the MCP73861.

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Application Notes and Design Guides
Title Download
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AN1387 - Using PIC32 MCUs to Develop Low-Cost Controllerless (LCC) Graphics Solutions English
PIC32 GUI with Projected Cap. Touch Information Sheet English
PIC32 PCAP LCC Demo English
Wi-Fi G Demo Board User's Guide English
DV102412 Wi-Fi G Demo Board Reference Design Files English
DV102412 Wi-Fi G Demo Board Reference Design Files - MAC OS English
PIC32 USB Starter Kit III I/O Port Demo Code Example English
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PIC32 USB Starter Kit III User's Guide English
Battery Power Applications Design Guide English
AN1088–Selecting the Right Battery System for Cost-Sensitive Portable Applications While Maintaining Excellent Quality English
AN1260–Li-Ion/Li-Poly Battery Charge and System Load Sharing Management Design Guide with MCP73871 English
AN1156–Battery Fuel Measurement Using Delta-Sigma ADC Devices English
AN971–USB Port-Powered Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Battery Charging English

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