BOM Tool

We keep optimising our BOM tool to meet your expectations.

BOM tool enhancement

  1. Simplification - make the BOM result page more simple but full of the information you need.
  2. New features added:
    • Save BOM result as a quote.
    • Additional compliance and traceability information being added to download file.

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Open Orders Report

Report of all outstanding order lines.

Now you can export all the order history in an .xls file including the line level details for lines/orders with a not shipped status. You can also view and search your order history for the past 5 years. As a trade account customer, you can view your online and offline orders for the past 5 years.

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Return via My Account

You can raise 'request return' on My Order details page.

NEW option to request a return for multiple / all lines on keystroke validation enhanced email format.

Request cancellation via Order History

Now you can request order cancellation on my order details page, and you are able to select item(s) and the reason for the cancellation.

Quick Buy

Quick buy with element14 order codes, and you can add your own part number and line notes.

Quick Order - enter order code and quantity one by one:

  1. Auto match the order code why you are keying in
  2. Show the main information of the product you entered
  3. You can search for MPN

Quick Paste - copy & paste your parts list and quantities

  • Add all to basket with one click

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Purchasing & procurement support

From helping you lower purchasing costs to managing your inventory, our convenient services will save you valuable time and money

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