Avnet has been the industry’s leading provider of reference and turnkey design services to our customers for over two decades. To compliment our engineering expertise and design chain capabilities, we now offer “Testing as a Service” (TaaS), available from the network of various labs and testing facilities located in major markets in Asia, at nominal charges.

The unique capabilities of our labs include testing of prototype electronic boards for RF performance, RF antenna tuning / impedance matching, EMI/EMC, wireless charging, solar MPPT performance and power supply performance. Avnet also provides advice on ROHS compliance, EMI/EMC pre-compliance, consulting services, and product development guidance.

Our deep technical expertise and domain knowledge in select vertical market and applications, coupled with our state-of-the art equipment, Avnet TaaS accelerates your design cycle and getting your products to market faster.

Avnet's labs provide customers with comprehensive testing & consultation services

  • Dedicated and experienced staff available for design consultation
  • Technical expertise in regulatory standards and compliance
  • Confidential process in testing and sharing test results
  • Fast test results
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